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The Iplex EZIpit® 425 (MS), EZIpit® 600 (MC) and EZIpit® 1000 (MH) offer significant benefits in sewer construction and flexibility in sewer networks. The environmental, technical and economical demands of water authorities for a water-tight, corrosion proof, stable and durable sewer system is now a reality with the Iplex EZIpit® systems.

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Material Properties

Material Properties
Polypropylene Property Value & Unit
Density of Pipe Compound 900 kg/m³
EZIpit ® 425 Riser- Ring Bending Stiffness 4000 N/m/m
EZIpit® 600 Riser- Ring Bending Stiffness 8000 N/m/m
EZIpit® 1000 Riser - Ring Bending Stiffness  4000 N/m/m
Flexural Yield Stress 24.5 MPa
Tensile Yield Stress(50mm/min) 28 MPa
Tensile Yield Strain (50mm/min) 6%
Poisson’s Ratio 0.45
Thermal Co-efficient of Linear Expansion 150 x 10-6 / K

Note: These are typical values, which can be used for buried flexible design purposes. Actual values may vary slightly for different sources of polymer.