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Iplex’s PVC-U Drain Waste & Vent (DWV) non-pressure pipe and fittings system, is one of the most comprehensive on the market with a full range from 40mm to 375mm in diameter. The lightweight properties of PVC-U make it highly versatile and effective in both below and above ground applications. PVC DWV pipes also offer exceptional hydraulic performance and flow rate. As a pioneer in the development and marketing of PVC systems for DWV applications Iplex is well known for its excellent product quality, and with our range of hundreds of pipes and fittings, you'll be sure to find the most optimal system for the job.

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Iplex's PVC-U DWV pipes and fittings system are used for non-pressure sewer, drain, waste and vent in above ground and below ground applications. DWV is frequently used for plumbing, sewer and drainage in buildings due to their versatile selection of fittings and cost effectiveness.

Iplex DWV PVC-U Non-pressure Sewer Pipe and Fittings Technical Guide


PVC-U is the predominant material used in DWV pipes and fittings in Australia. PVC-U DWV pipes offer a number of advantages including: light weight, service life, easy of installation.

Features Benefits
High flow rate
  • Extremely smooth bores, precision joints, and lack of internal projections ensure unrivalled hydraulic capacity over the total life of the system
  • Flatter grades are possible using PVC-U systems 
Flammability PVC-U pipes and fittings do not support combustion.
Non-conductivity PVC-U is a non-conductor of electricity, and is therefore not subject to galvanic or electrolytic action.
Tree root Intrusion resistance Iplex DWV pipes and fittings have precision solvent weld joints that have been shown to have excellent resistance to tree root intrusions that cause blockages and infiltration in other systems. Iplex DWV elastomeric seal joints have been designed with high interface pressures which, when coupled with smooth impervious surfaces, provide a high resistance to tree root intrusions (verified by research carried out in conjunction with CSIRO).
Low installation cost The light weight of Iplex DWV pipes together with longer pipe lengths and flexibility allow for the use of narrow trench widths which significantly reduces installation costs, the major portion of the total in-situ costs. PVC pipes do not require electrofusion couplings and may be installed without electric power in a wide range of climatic conditions.
Corrosion resistant The inert nature of PVC-U pipe provides complete corrosion resistance, and renders wrapping, coating and lining unnecessary. This inert nature ensures that PVC-U sewer and drainage pipes have a long operational life. The spacing of manholes can be increased due to greatly reduced incidence of blockage and increased flow rates possible with PVC-U sewers.
Less Manholes required In some cases manholes can be replaced with PVC-U riser and access points. Manholes are often the greatest single cost element in sewerage systems, and any reduction in the number using DWV systems makes sound economic sense.
Leakage elimination Ground water infiltration and sewerage exfiltration due to broken and cracked elements and joint openings caused by ground movement are eliminated by the precision joints, flexible pipe barrel and sealed access points provided by the DWV sewer pipe and fittings system.
Versatility Our extensive range of DWV pipes and fittings allows for highly versatile application. Diameter sizes of DWV pipes range from 40mm to 375mm.

Both the elastomeric seal and the solvent cement joint provided with the system eliminate the contamination of the groundwater aquifer and surface waters by sewer effluent with the resulting health hazards, visual pollution and public concern.

Material Options

Material Options

Mechanical Properties
Property Value & Unit
Density - Specific Gravity 1.47
Ultimate Tensile Strength 52Mpa
Yield Strain 5.50%
Compressive Strength 66Mpa
Tensile Modulus 2750Mpa
Hardness Shore D 85
Poissons Ratio 0.38
Ring Bending Modulus - 3mins 3200Mpa
Ring Bending Modulus - 50yrs 1400Mpa
Thermal Properties
Property Value & Unit
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 7 x 10-5/oC
Thermal Conductivity 0.138W/m.K
Specific Heat 1047 J/kg/oC
Vicat Softening Temperature 75oC
Fire Resistance Properties
Property Value & Unit
Flammability Will not support combustion
Ignitability 8
Smoke Development 8
Spread of Flame 0
Heat Evolved 1
Chemical Resistance

PVC-U pipes have high resistance to a wide range of chemical reagents. Such resistance, however, is a function of temperature, concentration and pressure.

In general, PVC-U is suitable to convey strong acids, alkalis and aqueous solutions (except those which are strongly oxidising), aliphatic hydrocarbons, fluorides, photographic and plating solutions, brine, mineral oils, fats and alcohols. The suitability of a pipeline for conveying a certain chemical will depend on such factors as the concentration of the chemical in the fluid to be conveyed, temperature, flow rate, the presence of pockets or “dead spots” in the pipeline and other factors.

View the Iplex Chemical Resistant Tool

Product Details

Product Details

Standards and Approvals

Iplex PVC-U pipe is manufactured to the Australian Product Standard under a third-party accredited Quality Management System (QMS) complying with ISO 9001.

Iplex Pipelines PVC-U DWV Pipe and fittings systems are intended for use above and below ground including exposure to direct sunlight and are manufactured to AS/NZS 1260 "PVC-U pipe and fittings for drain, waste and vent application". Iplex DWV pipe and fittings are also certified products holding the StandardsMark and WaterMark indicating that the products have been independently assessed and recognised as quality products.

View Iplex Product Certifications

Colour and Markings

lplex Pipelines DWV pipe and fittings are manufactured in a light grey colour in a semi-gloss finish, which is opaque and flawless.

All DWV pipes are repeatedly branded in accordance with AS/NZS 1260, which includes the date and place of manufacture.

Environmental Credentials

Iplex PVC-U non-pressure DWV stormwater pipe is certified to confirm to the Best Environmental Practice PVC (BEP PVC) provisions of AS/NZS 1260.

The Green Building Council of Australia (GCBA) has defined the standards for best practice environmental performance for PVC manufacturing, against which Iplex’s processes have been audited by an independent certifying body. These permits users of Iplex PVC-U non-pressures pipes to claim positive PVC Credit Points under the GBCA’s Green Star Rating Scheme. Learn More

Iplex Pipelines has published verified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) on our range of PVC-U non-pressure Pipes. EPD’s are third party certified documents based on ISO 14025 and EN 15804 Standards that communicate transparent and comparable information about the life-cycle environmental impact of a product or service. Specifically, product declarations include information on the environmental impact of raw material acquisition, energy use and efficiency, composition of materials and chemical substances, emissions to air, soil and water and waste generation.

View Iplex's PVC-U Non-Pressure EPD

Product Limitations
Effect of low temperature The impact resistance of DWV PVC-U pipe and fittings decreases with reduction in temperature therefore increased care should be exercised if installations are carried out near 0°c
Effect of elevated temperatures PVC-U DWV pipes have a softening temperature of approximately 75°C. Because the material has a low thermal conductivity DWV pipes are able to cope with typical discharges at even higher temperatures. Full bore and extended discharges at higher temperatures should be avoided.
Specialised applications The drainage systems are more than adequate for normal domestic applications in low and multi-rise dwellings. However, in some situations, an alternative drainage solution to DWV may be superior. Where more specialised applications, such as tea-makers, autoclaves, hospitals, commercial dishwashers, commercial laundries, industrial kitchens and laboratories are concerned, or where prolonged discharges of liquids at elevated temperatures can occur, contact Iplex.
DWV PVC-U Non-Pressure Sewer Pipe - Range and Dimensions

DWV Pipes are specified in terms of their stiffness classes, measured in a standard test. The new classes are not exactly the same as the earlier classification scheme (Class SH and Class SEH) but are similar.

Class SN4 and Class SN6 DWV pipes are considered to be suitable for plumbing and domestic use, effectively replacing Class SH.

Class SN8 and Class SN10 DWV pipes are suitable for general municipal drainage, deeper burial and similar applications where higher pipe stiffness is required to minimise deflection of the installed pipes due to the load imposed by the back fill or surcharge or to poor soil conditions. These pipes have effectively replaced Class SEH pipes.

Iplex DWV PVC-U Non-Pressure Sewer Pipe - Range and Dimensions

DWV Fittings Range

Iplex provides a range of Solvent Weld Joint (SWJ) and Rubber Ring Joint (RRJ) fittings. They are designed with high impact strength, which helps prevent damage during handling and installation. All DWV fittings assemble easily using either solvent cement or rubber seal rings to accommodate thermal or ground movement.

Handling & Storage

Handling & Storage

DWV PVC-U Handling and Storage
Installation & Testing

Installation & Testing

DWV PVC-U Installation Rubber Ring Joint
DWV PVC-U Installation Solvent Weld Joint
DWV PVC-U Testing
Maximum spacing of pipe supports for non-pressure pipes

Maximum spacing of pipe supports for non-pressure pipes AS/NZS 2032:2006

Nominal size of pipe Graded pipelines Vertical pipelines
32 0.90 1.80
40/50 1.00 2.00
65-150 1.20 2.50
>150 1.50 3.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Can DWV pipe be installed in sunlight?

Yes. DWV pipe and fittings contain UV absorber (Ti02) and can be installed in direct sunlight.

How deep or shallow can I bury DWV pipe?

Refer to AS/NZS 2566 and AS/NZS 2032.

Can I encase DWV pipes in concrete?

Yes. Refer to AS/NZS 2032.

What is a safe span if installed above the ground?

Maximum spacing of pipe supports for non-pressure pipes AS/NZS 2032:2006

Nominal size of pipe Graded pipelines Vertical pipelines
32 0.90 1.80
40/50 1.00 2.00
65-150 1.20 2.50
>150 1.50 3.00
Does DWV contain lead?

The manufacture of DWV pipe and fittings use no heavy metal stabilisers.

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