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FIBERSTRONG® Jacking Pipes

Fiberstrong® GRP Jacking Pipes are designed and manufactured for the construction and renovation of underground pipelines using trenchless methods.

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Fiberstrong® GRP Jacking Pipes are suitable for the construction of new sewer pipelines, old sewer replacements, road culverts in transport engineering and relining using the following trenchless methods of construction:

  • Micro-tunnelling,
  • Hydraulic jacking with remote control drilling
  • Free boring
  • Sliplining

Available in a range of sizes (DN300 to DN2200), Stiffness classes and lengths for flexibility in design and construction.

FIBERSTRONG® GRP Jacking Pipe Technical Details

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Fiberstrong® GRP Jacking pipes provide many features and benefits including:

  • Jacking pipes with or without grouting ports
  • Reduced jacking loads due to smooth external pipe surface
  • Adaptable to most installation equipment
  • Can be manufactured in different lengths and diameters
  • Can be designed to meet project specific loads


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