Pro-fit Support Fund

What is the Fund?

Iplex Australia has established a Fund of A$2 million on a no-admissions basis to assist qualifying plumbers and builders in Western Australia with the cost of repairs of leaks in homes built between mid-2017 and mid-2022, property damage directly associated with those leaks and replacement of ceiling product in Eligible Homes.

What is the purpose of the Fund?

Iplex Australia acknowledges the frustration and inconvenience impacted homeowners and their families are facing so it’s established this Fund to reimburse their homebuilder’s and plumber’s repair costs.  The Fund has been established on a no-admissions basis.   The reimbursement is available to qualifying homebuilders and plumbers who have repaired leaks in Eligible Homes (see below) and to provide financial assistance to them to replace pipes in ceiling cavities of Eligible Homes in many cases.

What is an Eligible Home?

An Eligible Home is a residential home in Western Australia built between mid-2017 and mid-2022 where Pro-fit pipe was installed and the home has experienced a leak from that pipe.

Who can make a claim under the Fund?

The Fund is available to plumbers and builders who installed the Pro-fit pipe and who then repaired a leak in that pipe in an Eligible Home.

What’s covered by the Fund?

The Fund will reimburse the actual cost of repairing the leaks in Pro-fit pipes, property damage directly associated with those leaks and, in qualifying cases, the cost of replacing Pro-Fit pipe in the ceiling cavity in Eligible Homes.  

If you have been paid or reimbursed for your costs by anyone else already (e.g. a homeowner or an insurer), you cannot access the Fund.

I am the owner of an Eligible Home – can I access the Fund?

The Fund is available to plumbers and builders.  If you are an owner of an Eligible Home, Iplex Australia (like DMIRS) encourages you to contact your home builder in relation to the any leak in Pro-fit pipes you may have experienced.  Details of information provided by DMIRS can be found here.

Iplex Australia does provide a product warranty covering manufacturing defects for a 25 year period commencing from either the date of delivery or sale of the product, whichever is later.  The product warranty applies separately to this Fund, and covers repair or replacement of faulty product free of charge.  It is important to note that the product warranty applies if a manufacturing defect has been established. Iplex Australia has yet to find a manufacturing defect to be the root cause of the pipe leaks.  For further information on our warranty process please email Iplex Australia will treat any warranty claim to be outside the parameters of the Fund and it will be processed in accordance with its normal procedures.

Claim process

To be able to make a claim under the Fund, you must be a builder or plumber who installed the Pro-Fit product in an Eligible Home and have repaired leaks.  Second, you must apply for registration.  Once your registration has been accepted, you will be able to:

  • lodge a claim for reimbursement of reasonable costs (ie. trade price plus reasonable labour costs) incurred for the repair of leaks and directly associated property damage in an Eligible Home;
  • lodge a quote for approval to replace Pro-Fit pipes in the ceiling cavity of Eligible Homes; and
  • once a quote has been approved (see point above) and the work carried out, lodge a claim for reimbursement of that approved amount.

How do I register?

To register for the Fund, please complete the registration form below.  Registration will require details such as your trading name, ABN, licence details and some details about the Eligible Home/s your claim will relate to.

Pro-fit Support Fund Registration

* indicates required

Are you a home builder or plumber

Please indicate the number of properties where you have completed Pro-fit repairs

Were any of the properties you repaired built between mid-2017 and mid-2022

For any eligible properties you repaired within this period, have you received payment. For example has the home owner, home builder or insurer paid you for the repair works you intend to claim under the fund

If you engaged an external plumber to complete the plumbing works when the property was constructed, select 'No'

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