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The Milnes® brand name has been in the industry for over 50 years, servicing the irrigation and plumbing markets.

Tapping Bands
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Our Milnes® range

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The Milnes® range of products are used for water supply consisting of:

  • Tapping bands – tapping a water main already under pressure allows services to be connected later without interrupting existing consumers or water services
  • Inline and right-angle ball valves
  • Standard and under pressure tapping ferrules
  • Ferrule bends
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Material Options

Material Options


The Milnes® product range is made from Gunmetal or Brass. Gunmetal is shiny alkaline brass, which is composed of copper and tin. Gunmetal is resistant to corrosion from steam and salt water, and is thus suitable for valves, pump parts and steam fittings.

Operating Pressures
Class of Product (PN) Allowable Operating Pressure - kPa Maximun Allowable Operating Pressure - kPa Allowable Site Test Pressure
16 1600 1920 2000



Allowable operating pressure

The allowable internal pressure, excluding surge that a component can safetly withstand in service.

Maximum allowable operating pressure

The maximum internal pressure, including surge that a component can safetly withstand in service.

Allowable site test pressure

Maximum pressure applied on site in a newly installed pipeline, includes a safetly factor and allowances for surge.

Product Details

Product Details

Standards and Approvals

The Milne®’s range conforms to the following Standards and Approvals:

  • Tapping Bands - AS4793 / MP52 SPAC025
  • Ferrule Bends – AS3688
  • Pressure Tapping Ferrules and Standard Ferrules – AS3496 / AS3718
  • Inline and Right Angle Ball Valves – AS4796 / MP52 SPEC012

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