Our History

Established since 1938 – We are Australia’s Pipeline Specialists

The introduction of Iplex Plastics

Founded as Industrial Plastics Ltd (I.P.L) by Otto Menzel in the 1930’s. Menzel wanted a trade name and his son Bill suggested adding an ‘EX’ at the end.  Iplex Plastics was formed and played a leading role in the development of fabricated plastic components over many years. In 1962, Iplex Plastics were a pioneer in the introduction of plastic pipes into the Australian market.


The evolution of Iplex Pipelines

Over the years the company ownership and name changed. In the 1970’s Iplex Plastics was acquired by James Hardie along with many other influential businesses including Gay-dor Plastics, Reed Consolidate Industries, Knox Schlapp. The plastics side of the James Hardie business (Hardie Iplex) was sold to the Crane Group in 1997 to become Iplex Pipelines. Through multiple business acquisitions (Crevet®, Key Plastics, KBE, ALM, Gatic®, NIBF®), Iplex strengthen their technical and product offer to the market.  

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New products for the Australian market

Through the 1980’s Iplex Pipelines introduced products to the Australian market which influenced and shaped the water industry. Iplex first introduced GRP pipes to the Australian market and drove the growth and market acceptance of GRP pipes in the Australian water industry.  During the 1980’s Iplex introduced the first structured wall large diameter PE pipe – Black Brute and Profit® Polybutylene Hot and Cold crimp system.

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Development of modified PVC for the Australian market

During the 1990’s Iplex first introduced the Reiber Ring system for PVC pipe and Rhino® Modified PVC (PVC-M) pressure pipe. In the polyethylene systems, Iplex developed THERMAPIPE®, a co-extrusion black pipe wall with white external skin to resist the absorption of heat.

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Australia’s first dual wall polypropylene range

The introduction of dual-wall polypropylene was an Australian first in the early 2000s with BlackMAX® stormwater and SewerMAX® sewer systems. A revolutionary smart range of plumbing products was developed and accepted in the market. Late 2000s Iplex initiated composite gas systems into the Australian market with the K1® gas range.


Changing Australia’s sewer systems

Iplex’s EZIpit® plastic sewer maintenance shafts and chamber systems have revolutionised sewer system technology. With the evolution of PE100 material, Iplex was the first to introduce a high-stress crack-resistant pipe called Millennium®. With the increase of trenchless methods for pipe installation, Iplex has added to the range a PVC-U DWV thread joint system, Restrain®

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Iplex’s commitment to the environment and sustainability

Not only has Iplex been at the forefront with development of products across the years we have also been leaders in our technical expertise. In 2015, Iplex became the world’s first plastics pipe manufacturer to release a suite of verified and registered Environmental Product Declarations EPD’s – communicating transparent and comparable information about the life-cycle environmental impact of our products.

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Now and into the future

In addition to our product and technical achievements; Iplex are specialised in project delivery and working with customers on major pipeline infrastructure projects from design concept through to installation. Iplex have a long future ahead in providing the industry with more innovated products and solutions.