Best Environmental Practice PVC

Best Environmental Practice PVC

In 2010 the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) reviewed its Green Star rating tool and under a new approach, the use of Iplex PVC pressure and non-pressure pipe, conduit and fittings can assist buildings to qualify for up to two positive credit points where pipe and fittings can be shown to comply with the GBCA “Best Practice Guidelines for PVC in the Built Environment”. As a means of demonstrating Best Environmental Practice PVC (BEP PVC), Iplex underwent an extensive audit process by independent third-party certifier, ApprovalMark. On Monday 9th February, 2022, Iplex was issued with Compliance: Certificate No. BEP-PVC 0037.

Do I still require a BEP Interim Manufacturer's Declaration?
No. On Green Star projects registered after 1st March 2012, the GBCA will only accept third-party BEP PVC certification. For projects registered prior to 1st March 2012, an Interim Manufacturer's Declaration may be used if already obtained, or alternatively the Iplex BEP PVC certificate may be used. From Monday 27th February 2012, Iplex ceased to issue Interim Manufacturer's Declarations.

Why has the GBCA changed its mind about PVC Pipe?

The GBCA has recognised environmental advances made by Iplex and others and has based its revision on a series of PVC Expert Reference Panel (ERP) meetings, site visits, discussions with key stakeholders and examination of international studies. This process has shown the life-cycle of PVC from raw materials and production, through to end-of-life, recycling and disposal. The process has changed considerably in recent years and there is a clear rationale for favouring PVC products that are manufactured and reclaimed through Best Environmental Practice production and end-of-life product management processes.

When did changes to the GBCA’s Green Star rating tool become official?
The changes came into effect on 7th April 2010

What does the change mean for PVC pipe in Green Star rated buildings?
Importantly, the GBCA no longer encourages the substitution of PVC pipe with other non-PVC pipe products. PVC pipes and fittings that meet the Plumbing Code of Australia can now be used without attracting negative points under the GBCA’s Green Star rating system. However, in order for PVC pipe and fittings to assist a building to qualify for up to two extra credit points, it must be demonstrated that pipe and fittings meet the requirements of the ‘Best Practice Guidelines for PVC in the Built Environment.

Do all manufacturer's PVC pipe and fittings qualify as BEP PVC?

Definitely not. PVC pipe, conduit and fitting manufacturers must demonstrate that their product meets the requirements of BEP PVC. This requires an audit and certification by an independent third party.

Where can I find out more information?

Green Building Council Australia website - Plastics Industry Pipe Association website -

iPlex Australia - BEP Certificate of Conformity