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GATIC® Access Covers

GATIC® has a long and proud history of manufacturing in Australia, producing high-performance access covers, manhole covers and metal gratings that are the benchmark in its industry. GATIC® has been specialising in the manufacture and marketing of access covers and gratings since 1937. With over 75 years of foundry experience and a large manufacturing and distribution network, GATIC® is well placed at the forefront of the industry for product quality, innovation, technical support and customer service.

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GATIC®’s extensive range of cast iron access covers includes manhole covers, stormwater pit covers and metal gratings. All GATIC® products are designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards set by the civil and construction industry worldwide and are used in the following applications:

GATIC® Product Application
Circular Access Covers
  • Used on circular stormwater pits and manholes whereby simplifies forming the pit top
Square and Rectangular Access Covers One-part frame and units are suitable for use over shaft, pit or access opening such as:
  • Sewers
  • Stormwater drains
  • Pressure pipelines
  • Cables
  • Septic tanks
Two or three-part frames are designed for openings where the length is substantially larger than the width including:
  • Vanes and Metering
  • Cable jointing pits
  • Interceptor trap pits
Trench Runs
  • Power or telephone cable ducts
  • Oil, steam or gas conduit trenches
  • Service trenches
Multi-Part Access Covers
  • Typically used for pit and floor opens over:


    - Transformers

    - Stand-by generator sets

    - Lift wells

    - Valve installations

Ductile Iron Gratings
  • Factory floors where processes involve water or other fluids
  • Road crossings where complete water catchment is required
  • Wharf areas, airport aprons and taxiways
  • Areas used by forklift trucks where shallow spoon drains or dished inverts are unacceptable
  • Basements protected by fire sprinkler systems where flooding would create a problem
  • At the junctions between footpaths and paved areas such as service stations and city squares
  • Across large doorways to prevent the ingress of water
  • Swimming pool surrounds


Gatic® Product Catalogue and Technical Guide


Features Benefits
GATIC® access covers are available in multiple parts
  • The mating undercut/drawcut butt joints of covers within each row provide adequate strength and stability without the need for cross supports over the opening
  • There is no limit to the number of rows that can be used
  • Access covers can be removed for partial or complete access to the opening as required
Ductile Iron Gratings
  • Modular design – runs are built from a range of standard grates and bolted frame sections to suit any required length
  • Unrestricted trench access – grates can be removed individually for partial or complete access to the trench
  • Hydraulic efficiency – GATIC® drainage grate openings have been designed to prevent the ingress of large harmful debris whilst allowing smaller unobjectionable material to pass through without clogging the grate
  • Strength and durability – made from Ductile Iron grade 500-7 for superior strength to weight ratio
  • Stability under load – frame bar design ensures stable, permanent keying of frame in surrounding concrete


Product Details

Product Details

Standards and Approvals

AS3996 – Access Covers and Grates .

EN124 – Gully Tops and Manhole Tops for Vehicular and Pedestrian Areas

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GATIC® is committed to operating under a strict International Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001. Its objective is to satisfy and exceed our customers' requirements and expectations in both quality products and services. Rigorous testing and quality control throughout the production process are audited and continuously improved to ensure that GATIC®’s products comply with Australian Standard AS3996 and European Standard EN124.

To ensure consistent quality and performance, all GATIC® access covers and grating are inspected as follows prior to delivery.

  • Dimensional tolerance check
  • Material compositions
  • Batch traceability data
  • Load testing (in accordance with AS3996 or EN124)
  • Keyhole gauge fit
  • Machining
  • Anti-rocking
  • Painting surfaces
  • General appearance
  • Packaging
GATIC® Mechanical Testing Laboratory

GATIC®’s Mechanical Testing laboratory is recognised and accredited by the National Association Testing Authorities, Australia (NATA Laboratory Accreditation No. 14262). Load tests are carried out on the capacity test rig as part of GATIC®’s Quality Assurance program in accordance with Australian Standard AS3996 and European Standard EN124. Test reports are available on request.

GATIC® also undertakes the following tests both inhouse and through independent institutes:

  • Bicycle Tyre Penetration Resistance Test
  • Hydraulic Flow Rate Test
  • Gas-tightness Test
  • Water-tightness Test

Load testing under Australian Standard AS3996 involves Type Testing of a unit to ensure the product achieves its Load Classification and Ultimate Limit State Design Load (kN).

Testing involves:

  • Five repetitions of the serviceability design load is applied to the unit in accordance with AS3996:2006 subclause, measurement of Ultimate Limit State Design Load (kN). Set must not exceed the Permanent Set and Deflection Limits (refer to Table 4.2 in AS3996:2006 subclause
  • Followed immediately by one application of the ultimate limit state design load for a minimum of 30 seconds. The unit must sustain the above tests without visible cracking, collapse or other forms of structural failure.
Load Classifications

GATIC®’s complete range of metal Access Covers, Road Grates and Frames are designed and tested in accordance with the Australian Standard AS3996:2019. The following table provides an overview of loading classes, its typical use and loading capacity. Appropriate class for a cover or grate depends upon the place of installation.

Australian Standard - AS3996:2019

The Australian Standard, AS3996:2006 is GATIC®’s nominated standard for projects/applications within Australia. Type testing under AS3996:2006 requires the Access Covers to meet the Ultimate Limit State Design Load (kN) without exceeding the Permanent Set and Deflection Limits. Refer to AS3996:2006 subclause 4.2.1. for further details.

AS3996 AS3996 AS3996
A Footways and areas accessible only to pedestrians and pedal cyclists 330 6.7 10
B Footways that may be mounted by a vehicle or livestock, and light tracker paths 2670 53 80
C Malls and pedestrian areas open to slow moving commercial vehicles 5000 100 150
D Carriageways of roads and areas open to commercial vehicles 8000 140 210
E General docks and aircraft pavements 13700 267 400
F Docks and aircraft pavements subject to high wheel loads 20000 400 600
G Docks and aircraft pavements subject to very high wheel loads 30000 600 900

NOTE: The above descriptions of classes of units reference to “wheel” should also be taken to include “dual wheels”. Norminal wheel loads are a guide only. Consideration should be be given to the type, size and pneumatic pressure of the load in application. A force of 1 kN is approximately equal to the weight of 100 kg. 

Installation & Testing
What is the nature of cast iron covers and products?

Cast iron has a unique natural process of corrosion resistance due to the chemical composition and reaction to atmospheric exposure, which is called Patination. The patina effect is actually a thin layer of oxides that acts to slow down further corrosion. Unlike steel, cast iron is inherently resistant to continued rapid corrosion. Steel oxidizes into flakes, which lift off and exposes fresh surfaces.

On the cast iron (Ductile/Grey) the patina is iron oxide (to the metallurgist it’s iron oxide and to the rest it’s just rust). Cast iron rusts very quickly when the humidity exceeds 60%, however, the rust is not invasive but will act as coating to prevent deep rusting.

The patina effect is a typical trait in cast iron covers and grates which goes through a predictable set of stages. Other metals are known for their patinas, but exhibit many range of colours; from greens (Bronze) to yellows and even clear.

The appearance of cast iron access covers and metal grates can change with the local conditions and the amount of traffic the units are exposed to; example high trafficable area, the appearance in most cases comes up with a silver shine. The choice of cast iron access cover and grates are predominately chosen by design engineers because of the corrosion resistance, strength, durability and in some cases appearance (rusty look).

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