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Iplex offers an extensive range of AVK valves. AVK product is made in modern factories with the latest state-of-the-art technology, resulting in top quality and innovative products supporting the Iplex range of pipes, enabling a complete market solution.

Product Details

AVK Air Valves Series 851/00/10/20

Single and double orifice air release valve for water and neutral liquid applications. Designed for automatic discharge of accumulated air during normal working conditions. All ductile components are coated with fusion bonded epoxy.

AVK Ball Check Valve Series 53/50 and 53/35

Ball check valve with flanged ends suitable for sewage, neutral liquid and non-potable water. Self-cleaning and full-bore valves ensure full flow with low pressure loss. The ball rotates during operation eliminating elements being stuck on the ball.

AVK Butterfly Valves

AVK concentric butterfly valves for water and neutral liquid applications. Designed with square driven shaft and slim disc are available in different sizes to the AS/NZS market Standard.

AVK Handwheels

Handwheels for resilient seat gate valves DN50 to DN600.

AVK Isolation and Spring Hydrant

AVK spring hydrant for fire protection services, water and neutral liquid applications.

AVK OS & Y Gate Valve

AVK gate valves for water, sewage and neutral liquid applications.

AVK Stem Caps

AVK stem caps for gate valves, non-rising stem, inside screw type.

AVK Swing Check

AVK swing check valves for potable water and sewage application.