DN200 x 6m PN16 Apollo Purple Series 2 PVC-O Pipe Rieber RRJ

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  • Australian Made
  • BEP PVC - Manufactured from Best Environmental Practice PVC
  • Installation economics
  • Operation efficiencies
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Light weight
  • Excellent toughness and ductility
  • Large internal diameter and smooth bore
Product Data Sheet Artboard View
Product Properties
Size 200MM
Rating PN16
Length 6.0M
Primary Material PVC
Joint Type RRJ
Rubber Ring Material EPDM polymer, which conforms to the requirements of AS 1646 "Elastomeric seals for waterwork purposes".
Colour Lilac
Minimum Cover Depth Not subject to vehicular loading 300mm |With vehicular loading, not in roadways 450mm | With vehicular loading, beneath sealed roadways 600mm |With vehicular loading, beneath unsealed roadways 750mm
Average Number of Joints per Litre-Iplex Lubricant 16
Allowable Operating Temperature - Degrees 50℃
Allowable Operating Pressure - 20 Degrees Celsius 1600kPa
Minimum Radius of Curvature 60m
Socket Deflection
Maximum Diametric Deflection - 50yrs 7.50%
Unprotected UV Exposed 2 Years
Maximum Support Spacing of Pipe Graded 1.5m
Maximum Support Spacing of Pipe Vertical 3.0m
Markings Material/Size/PN or SN rating/Applicable Australian Standard
Industry Specific Names ApolloBLUE® Premium
Mechanical Properties
Density - Specific Gravity 1.47 kg/m3
Ultimate Tensile Strength 52MPa
Yield Strain 5.50%
Compressive Strength 66MPa
Tensile Modulus 3200MPa
Hardness Shore D 85
Poissons Ratio 0.45
Design Stress 28MPa
Ring Bending Modulus - 3mins 4000MPa
Ring Bending Modulus - 50yrs 1800MPa
Thermal Properties
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 7 x 10-5/℃
Thermal Conductivity 0.138 W/m.K
Specific Heat 1047 J/kg/℃
Vicat Softening Temperature >79℃
Flammability Will not support combustion
Fire Index - Ignitability 7
Fire Index - Smoke Developed 9
Fire Index - Heat Evolved 2
Size 200MM
Inner Diameter 219.1 mm
Weight 45kg
Crate Qty 10
Crate Weight 450kg
Wall Thickness 6.4 mm
Socket Depth 189mm
Standards & Accreditations
Product Standard AS/NZS 4441 "Oriented PVC (PVC-O) pipes for pressure applications"
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Warranty 1 Year

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Iplex pipes for James Cook University Caraplace Turtle Research Facility Case Study

Healthy oceans need sea turtles. Extraordinarily little is known about the young years of a loggerhead sea turtle’s life, yet turtles are an important part of keeping natural order in their environments. Turtles influence many species around them.

JCU close up 2 of pipes and tanks
JCU close up of piples and valves
JCU close up pipes
JCU overview of inside system

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