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Iplex’s PVC-U Drain Waste & Vent (DWV) system is one of the most comprehensive on the market with a full range from 40mm to 375mm in diameter. As a pioneer in the development and marketing of PVC systems for DWV applications Iplex is well known for its excellent product quality.


PVC-U is the predominant material used in DWV applications in Australia.

Features Benefits
High flow rate
  • Extremely smooth bores, precision joints, and lack of internal projections ensure unrivalled hydraulic capacity over the total life of the system
  • Flatter grades are possible using PVC-U systems Flammability
Flammability PVC-U does not support combustion.
Non-conductivity PVC-U is a non-conductor of electricity, and is therefore not subject to galvanic or electrolytic action.
Tree root Intrusion resistance Properly made solvent weld joints have been shown to have excellent resistance to tree root intrusions that cause blockages and infiltration in other systems. Iplex DWV elastomeric seal joints have been designed with high interface pressures which, when coupled with smooth, impervious. PVC socket and spigot surfaces, provide a high resistance to tree root intrusions (verified by research carried out in conjunction with CSIRO).
Low installation cost The light weight of Iplex DWV pipes together with longer pipe lengths, flexibility and the use of narrow trench widths significantly reduces installation costs, the major portion of the total in-situ costs. PVC pipes do not require electrofusion couplings and may be installed with electric power in a wide range of climatic conditions.
Corrosion resistant The inert nature of PVC-U pipe provides complete corrosion resistance, and renders wrapping, coating and lining unnecessary. This inert nature ensures that PVC-U sewer and drainage pipes have a long operational life_ The spacing of manholes can be increased due to greatly reduced incidence of blockage and increased flow rates possible with PVC-U sewers.
Manhole reduction In some cases manholes can be replaced with PVC-U riser and access points. Manholes are often the greatest single cost element in sewerage systems, and any reduction in their number makes sound economic sense.
Leakage elimination Ground water infiltration and sewerage exfiltration due to broken and cracked elements and joint openings caused by ground movement are eliminated by the precision joints, flexible pipe barrel and sealed access points provided by the PVC-U sewer pipe and fittings system.

Both the elastomeric seal and the solvent cement joint provided with the system eliminate the contamination of the groundwater aquifer and surface waters by sewer effluent with the resulting health hazards, visual pollution and public concern.