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The Iplex EZIpit® 425(MS) and EZIpit® 600(MC) offer significant benefits in sewer construction and flexibility in sewer networks. The environmental, technical and economical demands of water authorities for a water-tight, corrosion proof, stable and durable sewer system is now a reality with the Iplex EZIpit® systems.


The EZIpit® is a polypropylene inspection and maintenance structure (shaft or chamber) designed for buried gravity sewer applications. It supplements Iplex's plastic pipeline systems and is used for inspecting and maintaining sewer networks from the surface level without entering the sewer system. It consists of a base, a single wall corrugated riser and a range of covers designed for trafficable and non-trafficable areas. The EZIpit allows safe access to the sewer from the surface.

Access Shafts and Chambers are used (where practicable) at every:

  • Change of alignment
  • Junction
  • Change in the size of a sewer

In addition they are used at specifed intervals for inspection and maintenance. National Sewer Standards and Codes specify requirements for the location and spacing of Inspection Shafts and Chambers.

EZIpit® Technical Guide