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Irontite Ductile Pipe

Since its introduction to Australia in the 1950’s ductile iron pipe has been recognised as an industry standard for water and wastewater systems. Over 60 years of field experience has proven its strength, durability and reliability. The Ironite® ductile pipe range is manufactured by Jindal SAW Limited, a leading manufacture of ductile iron pipelines with over 30 years of experience and a history of continuous reinvestment into research and development, staying at the forefront of new technology and design.


Irontite® pipes have been a popular chose for pipeline construction due to the materials advantages and characteristics.

Features Benefits
High strength Ductile iron provides a pipe with high hoop and axial strength. Irontite® pipe can withstand severe stresses caused by heavy external soil, traffic, groundwater and construction loads. This includes internally by operating and high transient pressures.
High beam strength Ductile iron is recognised for its capacity to withstand beam loads in above ground installations.
Corrosion resistance Irontite® ductile pipe is manufactured with an Zn-Al primer (mean mass 400 gm/m²) + blue liquid epoxy (min. 8 µm DFT) providing increased corrosion protection and can be buried without sleeving in soils with a resistivity lower than 500 Ω cm (please check with local water authority). Polyethylene sleeving may be applied during installation for further enhancement protection in aggressive environments. Some specialist applications may require a higher level of corrosion protection such as polyurethane.
High impact resistance Whilst care should always be taken to minimise the possibility of damage, Irontite®’s high toughness means it is able to withstand the rigors of on-site handling in difficult terrain and abnormal service conditions.
Flow characteristics Irontite®’s relatively low coefficient of friction (Colebrook White roughness k=0.03mm) can result in high flow capacity, low head loss, low pumping costs, and significant energy savings over the life of the pipeline.
Tremendous burst strength Irontite® tremendous burst strength makes it ideally suited for high-pressure applications. It also provides an additional safety factor against water hammer.
Maintenance free Years of experience in operating systems throughout the world have demonstrated that, once installed, zinc coated ductile iron pipes and polymeric coated fittings require little. If any, maintenance over the life of the pipeline when installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
Jointing Irontite® ductile iron pipe is available with a spigot x socket rubber ring joint for ease of assembly and jointing. Due to their high angular deviation, there is the potential to reduce the number of fittings increasing the rate of installation.