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Irontite® Nyngan to Cobar Project

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With our supply chain and logistics capability, Iplex was able to provide a delivered solution for infrastructure security on stage one of the Nyngan to Cobar pipeline upgrade.

Project Overview

With 127km’s between the towns of Nyngan and Cobar water security to the Cobar township is important. Two high pressure parallel pipelines were installed, the first a 300-diameter mild steel cement lined (MSCL) was installed in 1964 and in 1983 a second 375mm ductile iron cement lined (DICL) was installed.

With visible signs of deterioration in the MSCL pipeline and ongoing maintenance forecast to increase expenditure to ensure the pipelines integrity and performance, an upgrade of the worsening pipeline was to be undertaken. The 30km of 300mm MSCL pipeline was to be upgraded with 375mm DICL pipe.

The history of pipeline infrastructure where ductile iron has been chosen as the design solution of choice, has generally been underpinned by the performance, longevity and reliability achieved when specifying the material.

For over a quarter of a century Iplex has been involved in the design and manufacture of Crevet® Ductile Iron fittings with the support of our Northern Iron and Brass Foundry in Innisfail and supply of our Irontite® ductile pipe.

The project was positioned over 700km from Iplex’s manufacturing and distribution centre in Sydney. The volume of Irontite® pipe equalled more than 130 semi-truckloads, requiring a coordinated delivery program aligning with the project’s construction schedule.

With a synchronised approach central to the partnership between the experienced Iplex projects team and on-site project managers, ensured continual supply against schedule, whilst meeting customer’s budgetary and safety constraints. The success of the pipeline upgrade further identifies Iplex Pipelines as Australia’s pipeline specialists.