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BlackMAXⓇ Plastic Pipe Leads The Way In Pipeline Innovation

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BlackMAX® Corrugated Plastic Pipe Leads the Way in Pipeline Innovation

When it comes to stormwater drainage pipes, steel-reinforced concrete has previously been the conventional material for stormwater drains, and road culverts. However, in recent years heavy-duty corrugated plastic drainage pipes have been recognised as a viable alternative. They are lighter, impact-resistant and have a service life of over 100 years.

Polypropylene pipes do not corrode, and resist degradation in acid sulphate soils and saline ground waters near coastal regions. Made from Polypropylene, with a high stiffness rating of SN8, Iplex’s BlackMAX® corrugated pipes provide innovative solutions and deliver better hydraulic performance across a broad range of industries.

The Impact of Aggressive Soil Conditions on Drainage Pipes

High impact resistance and stiffness combined with chemical resistance and temperature performance make polypropylene pipes suitable for drainage applications. The major concern with concrete pipes is corrosion. However, polypropylene is highly resistant to corrosion in any normally occurring soils. Given this, plastic corrugated pipes such as BlackMAX, have become l the product of choice in drainage projects for councils, and property developers.

“The BlackMAX® rubber ring joint provides excellent resistance against tree root intrusion. A CSIRO study found the type of pipe material and joint tightness properties as the two major factors influencing resistance against tree root intrusion. It also confirmed porous materials and poor joints can also influence root penetration”, said Andre Nunn, the Queensland Technical Sales Engineer from Iplex.

How Iplex Developed BlackMAX® Corrugated Polypropylene Pipes

With over 85 years’ experience, Iplex has established itself as a leading provider of water solutions in Australia, positioning itself at the forefront of pipeline innovations. As the original large bore structured wall pipe manufacturer in Australia, Iplex takes incredible pride in offering councils, and developers an alternative to conventional drainage solutions. Manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities in Queensland and New South Wales, BlackMAX® is recognised for its durability, reliability and low cost of installation compared to conventional drainage pipes.

“We wanted to provide an alternative solution to conventional drainage pipes, offering a durable, lightweight, and leak-free system which is resistant to corrosion and root intrusion,” Michael Lancuba, Iplex’s Technical Product Manager. “We chose PP because it has a much higher ring bending modulus than High Density Polyethylene…that produces a very stiff pipe with lightweight properties. Pipes are manufactured to AS/NZS5065, with a minimum ring bending pipe stiffness of 8000 N/m/m or minimum SN8 pipes”.

Another key benefit of BlackMAX® is the ease of installation. BlackMAX® drainage pipes are lightweight compared to concrete pipes and can be easily maneuvered in confined areas by hand or with light lifting equipment. The rubber ring joint is designed for ease of assembly and jointing, BlackMAX® pipes can be cut onsite, anywhere along the pipe length and easily joined.

What Makes BlackMAX® so Innovative?

Corrosion resistance attribution is one of the many benefits of polypropylene pipes and makes these corrugated plastic pipes suitable for corrosive drainage, and industrial applications. Polypropylene is resistant to aggressive ground conditions, enabling years of corrosion-free service and the spigot and socket design of BlackMAX pipes ensures secure protection from tree root intrusions. Additionally, the Iplex BlackMAX® range has more advantages including its durability, hydraulic performance, and environmental benefits.


The tough and ductile nature of polypropylene makes BlackMAX less likely to be damaged during transportation or installation. Because of the lightweight nature of polypropylene, BlackMAX® pipes can be easily installed and maneuvered onsite by hand (or with light lifting equipment).

Hydraulic performance

The smooth inner bore of BlackMAX® pipes, combined with the high resistance to scale and sediment build up provides excellent hydraulic performance.
BlackMAX pipes are considered much smoother than concrete, which can result in flatter grades, or increased flow capacity for the same nominal size and grade as concrete pipes. A reduction in pipe diameter is also possible in some instances.

Environmental benefits

BlackMAX® is 100% recyclable and has a service life of over 100 years. Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) undertook a comprehensive appraisal of BlackMAX made of block co-polymer polypropylene and concluded that this product has an anticipated service life greater than 100 years, if designed and installed in accordance with industry standards.
BlackMAX® can be recycled and reproduced into more pipes, contributing to a more circular economy.

Enquire about BlackMAX® Drainage Pipes and Fittings

In addition to the many benefits of polypropylene pipes, including its durability, resistance to corrosion and exceptional hydraulic performance, the Iplex BlackMAX® range is a beneficial alternative to concrete pipes. BlackMAX® dual wall corrugated pipes are reliable and efficient. Offering a range of sizes and fittings for drainage solutions for stormwater infrastructure.

To learn more about BlackMAX drainage systems, check out our product range or contact one of our technical experts to consult for your next drainage projects.