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BlackMAX® plastic drainage pipe optimises the installation efficiency

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Situated just 11 kilometres from Geelong’s city centre, Armstrong Waterhaven in Mount Duneed stands as an acclaimed new community. Boasting over 100 lots and a vibrant urban hub, this development is recognised for its excellence in design and functionality.

Draper’s Civil Contracting has been entrusted with the critical earthworks and civil works of this project, including extensive stormwater management systems.

Recognizing the importance of stormwater management, Draper’s Civil Contracting strategically opted for Iplex BlackMAX plastic drainage pipe and fittings for its installation efficiency, joint integrity, and superior pipe quality.

How BlackMAX® polypropylene pipes drive installation efficiency

BlackMAX corrugated plastic pipe, weighing up to 80% less than conventional drainage pipes, proved to be a game-changer. Draper’s Civil Contracting emphasized the efficiency gained by using BlackMAX, stating, “We only need one excavator for smaller BlackMAX pipes, with the team easily handling the pipe by hand while the excavator works on trenching.” The extended lengths of BlackMAX corrugated pipe, as opposed to the conventional 2.4m concrete pipe, allowed for increased daily installation quantities with fewer lifts required.

BlackMAX’s joint integrity plays a part in durable quality

The BlackMAX joint, featuring a dual-wall socket up to DN525, provided a robust and solid spigot and socket. Draper’s Civil Contracting praised the jointing system, stating, “BlackMAX boasts a stiffer joint than alternatives. The solid, robust nature of the spigot and socket ensures the pipe maintains its shape during installation.”

BlackMAX pipes are safe to use and easy to install

BlackMAX, offering a lightweight yet robust polypropylene pipe, emerged as a top-quality choice. Draper’s Civil Contracting expressed confidence in BlackMAX as a solid alternative to conventional drainage solutions, citing safety aspects and ease of installation as key factors in making it their preferred choice for stormwater management projects.

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In the dynamic landscape of urban development, solutions like Iplex BlackMAX drainage pipe and fittings shine for their reliability, ease of installation, and superior quality. As attested by Draper’s Civil Contracting, BlackMAX sets a benchmark for urban infrastructure solutions, ensuring an efficient and resilient stormwater management system for Armstrong Estate Waterhaven, both now and into the future.

To learn more about BlackMAX drainage systems, check out our product range or contact one of our technical experts to consult for your next drainage projects.