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Enhancing Efficiency and Safety with BlackMax Stormwater Pipes

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With a history of over 75 years, R Slater and Sons is renowned for generations of exceptional workmanship. The Armstrong Street subdivision project includes the civil works and installation of the stormwater management system for 21 residential lots.

In infrastructure projects, selecting the right material is paramount for achieving efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness. Having previously relied on conventional stormwater pipes, R Slater and Sons, recognised the advantages offered by BlackMax stormwater drainage pipe and fittings.

Key Benefits:

1. Lightweight

The lightweight nature of BlackMax polypropylene pipes proved to be a game-changer for R Slater and Sons. Unlike heavy concrete pipes, BlackMax stormwater pipes are easier for workers to transport and lift, significantly streamlining the installation process. This resulted in reduced labour time and costs, ultimately facilitating timely project completion. Director at R Slater and Sons, Adam says, “The ability to easily manoeuvre pipes by hand reduced the need for multiple excavators."

2. Safer to Use

The lightweight construction of BlackMax pipes means fewer hazards during transport and on-site movement. By minimising the risks of accidents and injuries, BlackMax contributes to a safer working environment for construction crews. Additionally, the absence of silica dust during installation, repairs, or cutting further enhanced safety measures, mitigating health risks for workers and strengthening BlackMax's reputation as a safety-conscious solution.

Adam attested to the BlackMax product as a step forward for stormwater drainage.

”Because we can easily manoeuvre the pipes by hand, we install a considerable amount more each day, decreasing our time spent onsite and installation costs."

He emphasised the safety and ease of installation as significant advantages, reinforcing BlackMax's standing as a top choice for urban stormwater projects.

By prioritising efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness, BlackMax stormwater system has emerged as a superior alternative to traditional pipes. The lightweight design, coupled with enhanced safety features and improved productivity, makes BlackMax the ideal solution for stormwater drainage projects. As affirmed by Adam, BlackMax's performance underscores its status as a top choice for urban infrastructure development, paving the way for safer, more efficient projects.

To learn more about BlackMAX drainage systems, check out our product range or contact one of our technical experts to consult for your next drainage projects.