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Iplex Rhino® PVC-M pressure pipes are high performance thermoplastic pipes, incorporating the advancements of modified PVC pipe technology. Providing superior characteristics over conventional un-plasticised PVC (PVC-U) pressure pipes, including higher impact resistance and ductility, reduced weight and greater hydraulic capacity.


The tough, ductile nature of Modified PVC (PVC-M) allows the use of a higher design stress, enabling pipes to be manufactured with reduced wall thicknesses and larger internal diameters enabling a more efficient use of resources. The advantages included a greater flow capacity and lower pumping costs compared with PVC-U pipes with the same nominal diameters.

Features Benefits
Toughness and ductility Resistance to poor handling and installation damage
Excellent corrosion resistance both internally and externally Long service life, in excess of 100 years
PVC-M pipe dimensions are compatible with existing Series 1 and Series 2 pipe systems Interchangeable with PVC-U pipes and Series 2 pipes produced from
PVC-O, ductile iron, GRP and AC
Flexibility Rhino® PVC-M pipes can be curved to alignment on site
High quality rubber ring joint with a permanently installed Reiber rubber ring Provides a secure joint, which is easy to assemble and join
Light Weight Approximately 30% lighter than PVC-U improving on environmental performance, site handling and laying efficiencies