PVC Recycling Centres

Environment & Sustainability PVC Recycling Centres

PVC Recycling Centres

As part of our environmental commitment, Iplex has established PVC recycling centres within our manufacturing and distribution sites across the east coast of Australia. In providing this service Iplex aims to minimise waste and work towards the sustainable use of Best Environmental PVC.

We can do this because the resin used in the manufacture of PVC pipe and fittings is 100% recyclable. As PVC pipe as an anticipated service life in excess of 100 years, research conducted by Iplex and the Plastics Industry Pipes Association of Australia (PIPA) has revealed very little waste PVC pipe product from demolition sites is finding its way to landfill. In the decades ahead, this situation may change but for now most PVC pipe entering the waste stream is short offcut pieces and surplus unused new product.

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Our recycling facilities will accept clean and unused pipe offcuts and fittings. Please note that health regulations prevent us from accepting heavily soiled product.

For more information and to arrange a convenient drop-off time (by appointment only) please contact us at productsupport@iplexpipelines.com.au