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Iplex Apollo® is a bi-axially oriented PVC pressure pipe for use in water supply infrastructure. Iplex uses two patented process resulting in an exceptionally tough, high performance thermoplastic pipe with greatly enhanced physical characteristics, including greater impact resistance and reduced weight when compared with tother PVC pipes. Apollo® PVC-O pipe also provides increased hydraulic capacity due to its exceptionally smooth and enlarged bore.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Apollo® ?

Apollo® is a biaxially oriented PVC pressure pipe suitable for water distribution mains, rising sewer mains and irrigation supply. It provides the latest advancements in PVC pipe technology.

What is so unique about it?

The oriented PVC material is significantly stronger and tougher than PVC-U and therefore provides better performance overall. For example PVC-O is approximately twice the strength and ten times more impact resistant than PVC-U!

Isn’t Apollo® relatively new?

No. Bi axially oriented PVC is not a new process. Yorkshire Imperial Plastics in the United Kingdom first developed it in the early 1970’s. So this technology has been available for nearly 40 years and is well established and quite sound.

Iplex have modified PVC (PVC-M). Why does Iplex also have oriented PVC (PVC-O)?

PVC-M and PVC-O are both advances on the old PVC-U. PVC-O has a higher design stress than ‘M’ and therefore, for a given pressure class, has a larger bore and hence a higher hydraulic capacity. Pipelines installed and operated correctly in either material have an expected service life in excess of 100 years.

We have heard about deformation failures in PVC-O pipe from repair clamps and gibault joints. Will yours be any different?

PVC-O pipes have adequate stiffness for the intended applications and if installed and operated correctly will not fail. However, the resistance to deformation is inversely proportional to the SDR and so pipes with a lower SDR will be inherently stiffer than those with a higher SDR. If deformation is a concern then consideration could be given to selecting a product with a lower SDR.