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SewerPlex® is a polyethylene fully welded joint system, designed to eliminate infiltration by storm and ground water, and tree root intrusion issues that were historically a common cause of failure in non-polymer sewer pipe systems.



SewerPlex® is manufactured from polyethylene offering the following benefits:

  • House Connection include sediment trap to prevent mortar entering sewer during construction.
  • Polyethylene pipeline with fully welded joints to minimise root intrusion and stormwater ingress
  • Virtual elimination Of personnel entry manholes.
  • Severs may contain vertical horizontal bends to minimise the requirment for maintenans shafts
  • The toughtness of polythylene pipes eliminates the potential for pipe breackage due to land subsidence.
  • SewerPlex®s light coloured inner surface facilitates CCTV inspection of sewers.
  • Full axial restraint which eliminates the need for thrust blocks
  • Low celerity material minimises water hanner
  • UV stability for above ground pipeline
  • Rust and corrosion free
  • Long length availability to minimise joints
  • Complate range of fittings
  • Weldable using butt and electrofusion methods
  • High ring stiffness for deeply buried pipeline
  • Exellent abrasion resistance
  • Possibility of 100+ year asset life