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Iplex Millennium® is a high stress crack resistant (HSCR) grade of PE100 pipe that provides up to ten times greater resistance to slow crack growth than conventional PE100 pipe. It has the same pressure burst strength of conventional PE100 pipe, but is specifically formulated for use in critical or high value pipeline assets where the risk of premature failure from slow crack growth is possible.Iplex Millennium® provides designers with the opportunity to increase the pipeline’s service life without increasing the wall thickness, providing a safer option and ‘peace of mind’ for the project engineer/system owner.


Iplex’s Millennium® performance provides greater confidence to the designer, constructor and owner of polyethylene pipelines installed with trenchless technologies.

Features Benefits
Reduced wall thickness Compared to the conventional trenchless design factor approach that is commonly applied to compensate for potential surface damage, Iplex Millennium® pipe can be confidently used in the SDR determined by pressure and temperature factors alone. With thinner walled Millennium® pipe, substantial installation and pump energy costs can be realised.
Installation cost savings The high stress crack resistance of Iplex’s Millennium® pipe allows the use of excavated spoil, eliminating the need to import granular embedment in open trench applications. This can save a contractor up to 20% of the pipeline construction costs.
Increased service life expectation Iplex’s Millennium® pipe can easily achieve an anticipated service life of 100 years due to its greater tolerance of surface damage. This is a substantial benefit to pipeline owners who are required to make accounting provisions for the replacement of assets.
Safer gas pipelines In gas networks where ‘squeeze-off’ is used to manage pipeline flows for planned or emergency maintenance, Iplex’s Millennium® pipe increases resistance to the initiation of slow crack growth wherever these stress concentrators are present, leading to a longer service life and enhanced network dependability.