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Crevet Ductile Fittings

Iplex’s foundry NIBF (Northern Iron and Brass Foundry) manufactures the Crevet® range of ductile iron fittings for the water industry. These fittings are produced in diameters from 80mm to 750mm and are compatible with Irontite® DI, PVC, GRP and AC pipelines.


Crevet® range of ductile fittings have been a popular chose for pipeline construction due to the materials advantages and characteristics.

Features Benefits
Complete range Allows flexibility in design and construction  
Compact design Providing benefits in packaging and handling  
Deep sockets For us with all pipe systems including PVC-O, PVC-M, PVC-U, GRP and ductile iron  
Compatible Can be used for Series 1 and Series 2 PVC pipe systems
Corrosion protected Fittings feature protective coating Plascoat