Iplex Pro-fit® PB hot and cold plumbing system is flexible enough to be bent by hand, is extremely light weight, offers corrosion resistance, and eliminates water hammer noise. In particular, no brazing or soldering is necessary. When installed by a licensed tradesman, the system has proven to be both high quality and economical to use.

Material Properties

Temperature Effect On Pressure Rating

For pressure re-rating in accordance with the table below:

Thermal re-rating factors*

Maximum service temperature (°C) Multiplication factor for pressure re-rating
20 1.00
25 0.94
30 0.87
35 0.78
40 0.70
45 0.64
50 0.58

*Based on ISO 4422-2 Pipes and fittings made of un-plasticized polyvinyl chlonde (PVC-U) for water supply Pad 2: Pipes (with or without integral sockets)

Light Transmission

The grey pigmentation in Iplex Pro-Fit® pipe prevents the transmission of light that would otherwise promote algae growth. Polybutylene should not however be stored or installed in direct sunlight

Fire Protection

Polybutylene will burn when exposed to an open flame and in fact continue to burn when the source of fire is removed. The by-products of polybutylene combustion are carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and water These same combustion products are generated when any organic material burns.

Where polybutylene pipe is installed and penetrates fire resistant construction, the fire resistant integrity of the construction must be retained.

This can commonly be achieved through the use of fire-stop collars but refer to the local building code.