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Iplex K1® composite gas system is flexible enough to be bent by harid, is extremely light weight and corrosion resistant. In particular, no brazing or soldering is necessary. When installed by a trained and licensed tradesman, the system is of high quality and economical to use.


Iplex K1® composite pipes and fittings system offer the plumber an integrated system that has been well proven around the world. The systems advantages allow the plumber quick and simple installation, high performance, simple to handle on site and less risk of failures.

Features Benefits
Annealed copper crimp sleeve with a pipe inspection window Provides visible assurance the pipe has been pushed fully home to reduce risk of failure
No O-ring Prevents dislodgement or pinching during pipe insertions, delivery a more reliable seal
No 0-ring Larger internal bore for improved flow rates and less pressure loss
Lightweight and Flexible Easy to handle and install on site. Pipe can be bent by hand minimising the use of elbows and bends
Long pipe lengths Less joints and fittings
Corrosion resistant pipe Less risk of future failures or issues
Crimp connection No brazing or soldering
Fittings comes complete No addition of compression sleeves
Tamper proof jointing system Once the system is crimped it cannot be pulled apart
Interchangeable Tools Same tool can be used for K1® and Iplex's K2® and Pro-Fit® Systems