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Introducing the new PocketENGINEER™ Structural Design Tool 
Buried Flexible Pipe Structural Designs – Made Simple
We're proud to today launch the new Structural Design Tool within PocketENGINEER™ - our digital and design tool platform. 
Thanks to feedback from our customers around their experiences, we have been able to meaningfully understand many of their key design challenges and focus on how we can help. 
The Structural Design Tool has been specifically built to assist our customers create and share effective buried flexible pipe structural designs. 
This simple but powerful tool is packed with features to help designers specify installations with confidence and clarity, including:
• Save and share designs, 
• Check designs against the requirements of AS/NZS 2566.1
• Export design reports
• Compare design options
Register Now for free access at pocketengineer.com.au to streamline your designs today.