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Large Bore PE Pipe for Treatment Plant

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Iplex’s experience in manufacturing Large Bore PE100 pipe in combination with our team’s ability to provide technical assistance, deliver projects in a safe and timely manner and work closely with the customer, enabled us to provide a complete start-to-finish solution for the customers.

Project Overview

One of Melbourne’s treatment plants treats half of Melbourne’s sewage while providing an internationally recognised bird habitat. The plant occupies 10,500 hectares and produces 40 billion litres of recycled water a year.

A failing, on site, fixed concrete pipe raw sewerage line required replacement. Collaboration between Iplex’s sales and manufacturing team provided our customer a solution using PE100 material.

The Iplex Albury team manufactured approximately 830m of DN1800 PN4 PE100 pipe for the project. To offer a complete solution, our Brisbane fabrication department produced 30° and 45° bends for the project.

Through the manufacturing process, the team hosted the client, contractor and installer in our factory and once completed, our distribution and transport team ensured a co-ordinated approach to delivering this large bore pipe safely to site – working together to achieve a seamless project.

With such a large diameter of PE100 pipe, a specialised welder was required. GEM Industrial imported a McElroy Talon welder from Tulsa in the USA to weld the pipes. This impressive piece of equipment stands approximately 12m tall.

Our coordinated approach enabled GEM Industrial to successfully achieve 4 welds per day, making the project an impressive accomplishment.