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GRP Sewer Storage Facility

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Iplex are committed to working with our customers to ensure the right product is specified for their project. Our experienced team can assist in providing solutions from design through to onsite installation.

Project Overview

Our NSW sales and engineering team assisted a local water authority with their requirements for a DN1800 pipe to act as a temporary storage of sewer effluent, typically in times of high rainfall when the existing sewer network becomes surcharged with stormwater inflow. Each of the row fills is designed to fill progressively depending on the volume of inflow.

This project was initially specifed in DN1800 plastic-lined reinforced concrete pipe (RCP). In conjunction with our GRP partner RPC Pipe Systems the team where able to provide an alternative solution using PN1 SN10000 DN1800 FLOWTITE® GRP pipe.

The much heavier RCP would have been supplied in 175 x 2.4m lengths resulting in considerably more handling on site compared to the 35 x 12m lengths of FLOWTITE® GRP pipe supplied. In addition, the plastic liner on the RCP would have required internal welding at each joint.

GRP being resistant to sewer effluent does not require a liner. The 15 lengths of GRP had the required 600mm diameter risers and vents integrally fabricated into the 12m pipe at RPC’s Lonsdale factory, located in South Australia. The end pipe in each row had a specially curved closed end fabricated from GRP pipe. Inlet and outlet pipes were fabricated into these curved ends.

The storage units were installed in 5 rows, totalling 84m in length consisting of 7 x 12m pipes in a row.

The pipe selection from a commercial aspect is more favourable compared with RCP due to FLOWTITE® GRP's light weight and longer lengths, providing greater ease of use and speed for construction. With the addition of flexibility of supply with FLOWTITE® manufactured in Australia, consequently can lead to further cost savings for the construction.