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Iplex Apollo® is a bi-axially oriented PVC pressure pipe for use in water supply infrastructure. Iplex uses two patented process resulting in an exceptionally tough, high performance thermoplastic pipe with greatly enhanced physical characteristics, including greater impact resistance and reduced weight when compared with tother PVC pipes. Apollo® PVC-O pipe also provides increased hydraulic capacity due to its exceptionally smooth and enlarged bore.


The increase in strength. toughness and ductility of biaxially oriented PVC permits the use of higher design stresses with improved overall performance.

The resulting larger bore reduces pumping costs. Alternatively, for the same head there is a greater flow carrying capacity than would be the case for the equivalent PVC-U or PVC-M pipe.

Features Benefits
Excellent internal/external corrosion resistance  Long service life  
Electrically non conductive  Do not suffer from electrolytic corrosion  
Rieber rubber ring  Reduced jointing effort and improved reliability  
Light weight Ease of handling and reduced laying costs