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Compression Fittings

Iplex stocks a comprehensive range of Plasson compression fittings. Plasson have been providing high quality products and innovative solutions to connect Australian pipelines for over 40 years. Australian pipelines are installed in wide ranging conditions from residential plumbing to underground mines. Plasson’s unique design features, which ensure joints can be made and re-used, have proven themselves in all environments.


The following outlines the features and benefits of Plasson Compression Fittings

Features Benefits
Ease of use Fittings are hand tightened on all rural poly pipe sizes and hand tight plus ½ turn with wrenches on metric pipe 40mm and above.
Strong Plasson compression fittings exceed many of the mechanical requirements specified within of the Australia/New Zealand standard.
Abrasion and corrosion resistant PE has high abrasion resistance - the Plasson fitting body encapsulates the PE pipe, allowing the transport of abrasive materials.

Plasson compression fittings are made from a polypropylene copolymer which has exceptional resistance to impact and mechanical damage.

UV stable Plasson compression fitting resin formulations contain Carbon Black to inhibit UV degradation. Carbon Black imparts high UV resistance over long periods in harsh Australian environments
Lightweight Plasson compression fittings are easy to transport and use in some of the most difficult in-trench, overhead, above and below ground conditions.