BlackMax® Stormwater Pipes & Fittings

The stormwater solution that makes sense

We understand that you need to build a sustainable, efficient stormwater solution for generations to come.

Conventional concrete drainage pipes have often been the material of choice for the stormwater landscape. But times are changing.

Welcome to the era of BlackMax — the cutting-edge stormwater management solution engineered for durability, efficiency and sustainability, setting the stage for generations to come.

Extended range to DN1200 coming soon – contact our team today.

BlackMax® Fittings Range

Features &

Made in Australia

With over 3,300 kilometers of BlackMax installed nationally, Iplex is the original Australian manufacturer of large bore twin wall polypropylene pipes.

Easy installation

Lightweight pipes are easier for workers to transport and lift, streamlining the installation process, reducing labour time and costs.

Safety prioritised

The pipes are lighter and don’t produce silica dust during installation, repairs or cutting, ensuring a safer working environment and mitigating health risks for workers.


Built to last with a 100+ year service life*, BlackMax is highly resistant to chemical attack and sulphuric erosion.

Efficient Water Movement

BlackMAX pipes offer superior hydraulic capacity facilitating efficient flow which can result in more efficient hydraulic designs.