The Iplex EZIpit® range

The solution to your design and installation challenges.

The EZIpit® is your easy to use, modular plastic pit solution. With the launch of our largest maintenance structure, the EZIpit® 1000 Maintenance Hole (MH), you can now access a complete range of gravity sewer pits for your next pipeline project.

The EZipit® sets the new benchmark for maintenance structures in Australia, providing the latest advancements for pits in gravity sewer applications.

With three types of structures, including lightweight, modular and durable components, the EZipit® will exceed your expectations.

While concrete may be the conventional choice for sewer access pits, the EZipit® is the lightweight, low cost and longer lasting alternative which will provide years of corrosion free service. Made from polypropylene, the EZipit® delivers superior inground performance and lower operational costs. All of the EZipit® structures provide the Contractor with proven benefits.

The EZIpit’s lightweight and modular components reduces assembly and installation times and can be backfilled with the sewer pipe at the same time. This can reduce costs in plant and labour and risks associated with open excavation. Our suite of EZipits also allows remote access from the surface for your inspection and maintenance needs.

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