The Iplex EZIpit® Range

The EZIpit® is an Easy Decision

The EZIpit® is your easy to use, modular plastic pit solution. Available in a range of sizes, you can now access a complete solution of gravity sewer pits for your next pipeline project.

EZIpit is a lightweight, low cost and long-lasting solution which will provide years of corrosion free service. Made from polypropylene, the EZIpit delivers supplier in ground-performance and lower operational costs.

6 Reasons to choose EZIpit

1. Swivel sockets

The EZIpit is the only sewer maintenance structure with fully integrated swivel sockets in the base, which can rotate up to 7.5° in any direction.
This permits on site adjustment in the trench resulting in narrower trench alignments, and reduced excavation.

2. Flat base

The EZIpit is designed with a flat base for ease of positioning in the trench. The design of the channel eliminates the need for a fall across the base.The bases also include smooth surfaces for excellent hydraulic performance.

3. Trafficable

The EZIpit Riser is manufactured with a single wall profile for flexibility. It allows the EZIpit to deflect traffic loads, absorb ground movement and resist external loads without damage. The riser can also be easily cut on site to adjust the height of the EZIpit in the trench to the required depth.

4. GATIC cover

The EZIpit Top Hat Cover was designed by GATIC® for Australian conditions. The Top is assembled on top of the Riser and sealed with a rubber ring to establish a watertight seal.

5. Sealed connections

The EZIpit sealing rings were designed by Iplex for Australian conditions to ensure water-tight joints and resistance against tree roots.

6. Durable polypropylene

High-quality polypropylene provides long-term durability, high resistance against acid sulphate soils and attack from hydrogen sulphide gas.

The EZipit® sets the new benchmark for maintenance structures in Australia, providing the latest advancements for pits in gravity sewer applications.

With three types of structures, including lightweight, modular and durable components, the EZipit® will exceed your expectations.

EZipit® is a lightweight, low cost and long lasting solution which will provide years of corrosion free service. Made from polypropylene, the EZipit® delivers superior inground performance and lower operational costs. All of the EZipit® structures provide the Contractor with proven benefits.

The EZIpit’s lightweight and modular components reduces assembly and installation times and can be backfilled with the sewer pipe at the same time. This can reduce costs in plant and labour and risks associated with open excavation. Our suite of EZipits also allows remote access from the surface for your inspection and maintenance needs.

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