SewerMAX® Gravity Sewer Systems

SewerMAX® is a sewer pipe system suitable for gravity sewer mains. Manufactured from polypropylene, SewerMAX® is highly resistant to hydrogen sulphide erosion common in gravity sewers.

SewerMAX® is also resistant to chemical attack and aggressive ground conditions such as acid sulphate soils or in saline groundwaters. 

Available in standard nominal 3m lengths, SewerMax®  is lightweight and easy to install.

A wide range of fittings including Bends, Junctions, Couplings, Plugs, Reducers and Adaptors are readily available for a complete plastic sewer system. Our SewerMAX® fittings are made from the highest quality standards and comply with Australian Standard, AS/NZS 5065 ‘Polyethylene and polypropylene pipes and fittings for drainage and sewerage applications’.

Contact us for a complete solution for sewerage applications. 

Features & Benefits


The tough, ductile nature of polypropylene enables pipes to resist accidental impact without damage

Corrosion resistance

Polypropylene is resistant to sulphuric erosion and acid sulphate soils with saline ground waters

Effective rubber ring joint

Designed for ease of assembly and jointing. Pipes can be cut to length on site and re-joined

Smooth bore for hydraulic performance

The smooth inner bore enables excellent hydraulic performance which can result in reduced grades to accomplish a given flow

Lightweight for ease of installation

Can be easily maneuvered in confined areas by hand or with light lifting equipment. Site handling and efficiency is therefore improved