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The perfect plastic pipeline pit?

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The perfect plastic pipeline pit for your project might just be EZIpit® sewer maintenance structures.

EZIpit® is your easy-to-use, modular and long-service life plastic pit solution. With the launch of our latest and indeed largest maintenance structure, the EZIpit®1000 Maintenance Hole (MH), you can now access our full suite of gravity sewer pits for all of your pipeline projects.

Read on to discover how the EZIpit® suite will give you superior access and flexibility across your sewer infrastructure, to meet all of your maintenance and inspection needs.
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Ready to learn more? 

The EZIpit®1000 (MH) is now available for purchase. Visit our web page to learn about its technical specifications or request a sales call from our team. Get in touch or sign up to our upcoming webinar where we’ll unpack the benefits of the complete EZIpit® system.

EZIPIT® 1000 (MH)
EZIPIT® 600 (MS)
EZIPIT® 425 (MC)