Pipe and Packaging Recycling Centres


As part of our sustainability commitment, Iplex has established Pipe and Packing Recycling Centres within our manufacturing and distribution sites across Australia. Iplex can accept PE and PVC pipe offcuts and fittings, as well as Timber Frames and Timber Scallops. In providing this service Iplex aims to minimise waste and work towards the sustainable use of post-consumer and post-industrial materials.

Iplex can perform and offer a recycling service because common plastics used in pipe production like PVC and PE are readily reprocessed, making them 100% recyclable. Recycled material is incorporated with virgin materials at varying levels to manufacture new pipe, having the same life and performance expectations as pipe made from solely virgin materials.


Post-consumer recyclate

Waste generated when a product is being installed (i.e. offcuts) and product at the end of its useful life can be returned to Iplex sites and reprocessed. Multilayer PVC drainage and conduit are products in which post-consumer recyclate is commonly used as feedstock.


Post-industrial recyclate

Australian plastic pipe and fitting product standards currently permit manufacturers to regrind and reuse scrap produced in their own production processes, provided its properties are known and traceable.



How your recycled content is contributing to sustainable use

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Our recycling facilities will accept clean and unused pipe offcuts and fittings. Please note that health regulations prevent us from accepting heavily soiled product. Please see our material criteria to guide you in returning material to Iplex.

For more information and to arrange a convenient drop-off time (by appointment only) please complete the ‘contact us’ form. To assist in providing you with an easy and seamless dropoff experience we ask that you upload pictures of your recycled content. Once we have received your request one of our recycling team members will be in touch.

PE Criteria Guide

PVC Criteria Guide

Timber Criteria Guide