Iplex's PocketEngineer is a free web-based portal, offering a suite of reference data and engineering tools relevant to the design of plastic pipelines.

The tools and data in PocketEngineer include:

  • Structural design tool
  • Hydraulic design tool
  • Flange Pipe Bolt Torque Calculator
  • Plastics Chemical Resistance Library
  • Plastics Industry (PIPA) Technical Guides

To learn more about PocketEngineer, check out the information below. 


With PocketEngineer, you will have access to:

Structural Design Tool

For undertaking structural design checks on buried flexible pipes against the requirements of AS/NZS2566.1.

Hydraulic Design Tool

The Hydraulic Design Tool helps designers perform simple velocity, head and flow calculations for non-pressure, gravity pressure and pumped pressure pipelines.

Flange Bolt Torque Calculator

Estimates target bolt torque utilising actual details of selected flange configurations.

Chemical Resistance Library

A reference library of common chemicals and their compatibility with thermoplastic pipe and associated sealing materials.

Plastics Industry (PIPA) Technical Guides

A library of technical reference documents published by the Plastics Industry Pipes Association of Australia Ltd.