Weld-free threaded pipe that gets the job done faster and safer with minimal impact

Iplex Pipelines has developed Restrain™ PVC-U Sewer Pipe specifically for gravity sewer applications utilising trenchless techniques for the installation, repair or replacement of underground infrastructure. Restrain™ is a rubber ring jointed PVC-U pipe, with a threaded spigot and socket, which provides immediate axial capability during installation.

Weld free joint allows easy installation through existing maintenance structures significantly reducing time and cost of installation.

Less site rehabilitation.


Weld free joint, SN16 slim-line profile, with MTO lengths to work in tight spaces.

Manufactured by Iplex Pipelines NZ for over 14 years and installed in Australia over 5 years with thousands of kilometers of pipe installed

Restrain is manufactured here in Australia, providing greater reliability in supply and shorter lead times.

For the same install cost as PE you can improve the hydraulic capacity of the pipeline by 10 to 20%.

Made to AS1260 so it is 100% compatible with all DWV PVC fittings.

Light weight, smaller excavations means less hazards on site.

Trenchless installation, often using existing maintenance structure reduces footprint.

Certified to AS/NZS 1260 and also independently certified by the Green Building Council of Australia, allowing the claim of Credit Points under the GBCA’s Green Star rating.

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