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Iplex pipeline has developed RestrainTM PVC-U sewer pipe is specifically for gravity sewer applications utilising trenchless techniques for the installation, repair or replacement of underground infrastructure. RestrainTM is a rubber ring jointed PVC-U pipe,with a threaded spigot and socket, which provides immediate axial capability during installation.


RestrainTM sewer pipe is suitable for installation by a range of trenchless methods including;

  • Horizontal directional drilling (HDD)
  • Pipe reaming or pipe eating
  • Static pipe bursting or cracking
  • Auger boring or guided boring
  • Micro-tunnelling

RestrainTM sewer pipe is not suitable for use with pneumatic or concussive pipe bursing is also unsuitable for pipe ramming or impact moling

Iplex Restrain PVC U Sewer Technical Guide Australia Updated June 2020