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Wavin HDPE Drainage

Iplex’s Wavin HDPE Drainage System is a complete soil, waste and vent system of pipes and fittings specifically for use in above-ground drainage applications, removing domestic waste water and rainwater from residential and commercial properties.

Manufactured from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), this tough and durable drainage system offers an extraordinary chemical resistance in combination with flexibility and great impact resistance. Wavin PE pipes and fittings are joined by welding, making the joints totally free from leaks due to building movement.

Installation & Testing

Support Spacing

The recommended maximum support spacing of Iplex Wavin HDPE pipe is dependent on the maximum temperature likely to be experienced by the pipe material in the specific application.

In applications where Wavin HDPE pipe is installed either within a building, or outside a building but out of direct sunlight and therefore unlikely to be subject to pipe material temperatures greater than 60°C, the pipework shall be supported at spacing not exceeding those detailed in Table 5.5

In applications where the pipework conveys hot fluids (e.g. from dishwashers, autoclaves, knife sterilizers) or is located either outside of the building in direct sunlight or in a roof plenum space where the pipe material temperature is likely to exceed 60°C , the recommended maximum support spacing is reduced by 50%.

Pipework is to be supported at or adjacent to every bend, including fittings where pipelines emerge from a wall.

Pipe Size Recommended Maximum Spacing of Supports
Horizontal or Graded (m) Vertical (m)
DN40 0.43 0.85
DN50 0.45 0.90
DN56 0.48 0.95
DN63 0.50 1.05
DN75 0.60 1.20
DN90 0.67 1.35
DN110 0.70 1.40
DN125 0.75 1.50
DN160 to DN315 1.00 2.00
Wavin HDPE Drainage System Installation and Testing