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With a corrugated wall designed to provide maximum strength with minimum weight for ease of handling, Envirodrain® is the versatile solution for land drainage. Since Envirodrain® is flexible enough to be installed continuously around cures, the requirement for fittings is minimised. Manufactured from polyethylene, polypropylene or PVC, Envirodrain® is unaffected by corrosion in saline environments. Envirodrain® can be provided with a filter ‘sock’ to minimise silt build up, unslotted for use as a flexible drainage system where instruction by fine tree roots may cause obstruction.


Iplex Envirodrain® can be used for:

  • Agricultural and landscape drainage
  • Retaining wall pressure relief
  • Construction sites and building basements
  • Rehabilitation of salt affective soils
  • Swamp drainage
  • Highways and building platform sub-grades
  • Playing fields and golf courses
  • Dam relief wells
  • Mining processes