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FLOWTITE ® is a glass reinforced polymer pipe suitable for pressure and non pressure applications. It is produced on a continuously winding and advancing mandrel, ensuring consistent high quality pipes. Manufactured in Adelaide, South Australia by RPC Pipe Systems Pty Ltd. FLOWTITE ® pipes are recognised for their strength, flexibility and corrosion resistance making them suitable for a range of application including water, sewerage and drainage.


The features of FLOWTITE® pipe have many advantages over other materials.

Features Benefits
FLOWTITE® is immune to galvanic corrosion. Pipes and fittings are suitable for use in acidic and saline soils or soils of low resistivity FLOWTITE® provides a longer service life in aggressive waters and soils containing chlorides, carbon dioxide, acids, hydrogen sulphide and sulphates
FLOWTITE® pipe dimensions are compatible with Australian Standard sizes as detailed in AS/NZS 3571 FLOWTITE® is interchangeable with ductile iron pipes, Series 2 - PVC- U, PVC-M and PVC-O pipes, and most existing AC pipeline installations
FLOWTITE® pipes are not affected by dynamic stresses FLOWTITE® does not require rerating for cyclic loading
FLOWTITE® is electrically non conductive. Unaffected by stray (earth) or induced currents.Cathodic protection systems do not need to be considered for either FLOWTITE® pipes or surrounding structures
The FLOWTITE® GRP pipe coupling with REKA rubber ring seals is a proven pipe joint system with almost eighty-years of proven performance and reliability Allows all pipe lengths to be utilised. It has a low jointing effort with practical angular deflection for minor or major changes in pipe alignment (or in areas prone to mine subsidence). The same couplings can be used on cut pipes and fittings
An extensive range of standard FLOWTITE® GRP fittings is available together with custom-made fittings to suit individual requirements Allows for standard and special layout configurations. Multiple fittings can also be manufactured as single structures
FLOWTITE® pipes are manufactured with a reinforced resin liner and external scuff layer Increased resistance to UV degradation.Increased protection during handling and installation
The smooth and large internal bore of FLOWTITE® pipe provides excellent hydraulic performance Low friction losses, greater flow capacity and lower pump operating costs
FLOWTITE® pipes provide low water hammer surge celerity compared with other pipe materials Assists the designer with water hammer pressure reduction measures
FLOWTITE® pipes are approximately ¼ the mass of ductile iron pipes and 1/10th the mass of concrete pipes of the same sizes Provides benefits in transport, handling and installation
Longer pipe lengths Reduces the number of pipe joints on site and increases installation efficiency