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FLOWTITE® GRP Jacking Pipes are designed and manufactured for the construction and renovation of underground pipelines using trenchless methods

Manufactured in Adelaide, South Australia by RPC Pipe Systems Pty LTD, FLOWTITE® GRP Jacking Pipe is recognised for its high axial compressive strength and ring stiffness and provides significant advantages compared to other pipe materials.

Product Details

Standards and Approvals

FLOWTITE® GRP Jacking Pipe are manufactured to the following relevant standards under third party accredited quality assurance Programs complying with AS/NZS ISO 9001 Quality Management System

  • AS 3571.1 "Plastics pipng systems—Glass reinforced. themoplastics (GRP) systems based on unsaturated. Polyester (UP) resin part 1 : pressure and non-pressure drainage and sewerage (ISO 10467:2004,MOD)"
  • AS 3571.1 "Plastics pipng systems—Glass reinforced. themoplastics (GRP) systems based on unsaturated. Polyester (UP) resin part 2 : pressure and non-pressure water supply (ISO 10639:2004,MOD)"
  • ISO 25780 "Plastics piping systems for pressure and non-pressure water supply, irrigation, drainage or sewerage — Glass-reinforced thermosetting plastics (GRP) systems based on unsaturated polyster (UP) resin — Pipes with flexible joints intended to be installed using jacking techniques".
Environmental Credentials

With the same focus as Iplex on reducing the environmental footprint of its pipe FLOWTITE® Technology, AMIANTIT have produced an Environmental Product Declaration. The document summaries FLOWTITE’s extensive life cycle assessment study. The study was conducted according to international standards ISO 14040/ISO 14044 and reviewed by Thinkstep. View FLOWTITE® EPD

FLOWTITE® GRP Jacking Pipe Range and Dimensions

FLOWTITE® GRP Jacking Pipes can be manufactured as either ID Series (Internal Diameter Series) or OD Series (Outside Diameter Series). Custom made diameters can be manufactured to any internal and external diameter to suit hydraulic considerations, boring machine size or specific project requirements.

FLOWTITE® ID Series Jacking Pipe range can be supplied to match the internal diameter of standard trenched FLOWTITE® GRP pipe. Where ID series FLOWTITE® GRP Jacking Pipe are specified, transition pipes are available removing the need for MH structures.

FLOWTITE® OD Jacking Pipes are specified, a MH structure may be required at the transition point between the trenched pipe and jacked pipe. This may significantly increase construction costs and should be considered at the planning stage prior to construction.

Joint Types

FLOWTITE® GRP Jacking Pipe couplings have an outside diameter equal to the pipe external diameter Couplings are available in different types and pressure classes depending on the application. The standard seals used in each pipe joint are EPDM. Other rubber compounds are available on request. All rubber seals comply with EN 681-1 and AS 1646.

Type SE Joint – includes a Gr.316 stainless steel band with an integral EPDM elastomeric seal. The Type SE joint is suitable for non-pressure applications.

Type GR Joint – includes a GRP sleeve manufactured from polyester resin reinforced with fibreglass. EPDM rubber ring seals are factory fitted into grooves in the pipe spigot. The Type GR Joint is suitable for non-pressure applications.

Type SR Joint – includes a stainless steel sleeve. The inner surface of the sleeve fits tightly to the EPDM wedge gasket seal embedded into a special groove on the pipe spigot. The Type GR joint is applicable for non-pressure applications.

Type FJ Joint – designed for pressure applications. This joint utilises a FLOWTITE® pressure coupling design. The suitability of FJ Joint should always be discussed with Iplex prior to design and specification.

Grout and Lubrication Injection Ports

FLOWTITE® GRP Jacking Pipes can be supplied with injection port to facilitate installation. injection ports are typically 25mm (1"BSP) with. other diameters available on request.

The injection ports comprise an insert. check valve and plug. The plug is sealed with an EPDM 0-ring.

Injection ports are factory fitted based on project requirements.