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FLOWTITE® GRP Jacking Pipes are designed and manufactured for the construction and renovation of underground pipelines using trenchless methods

Manufactured in Adelaide, South Australia by RPC Pipe Systems Pty LTD, FLOWTITE® GRP Jacking Pipe is recognised for its high axial compressive strength and ring stiffness and provides significant advantages compared to other pipe materials.

Material Properties

Mechanical Properties
Property Value & Unit
Material density 2000 – 2100 kg3
Longitudinal compressive strength 85 MPa
Hoop flexural modulus 11,000 – 16,000 MPa
Thermal Properties

The wall construction of FLOWTITE ® pipes can vary according to the pipe class and stiffness, therefore only indicative material parameter values have been given below.

Property Value & Unit
Thermal coefficient of expansion (Axial) 24-30 x 10 -6 m/m.K
Thermal conductivity 0.14 - 0.22 W/m.K

Fire Resistance Properties

Property Value & Unit
Flammability Will not support combustion
Ignitability 10
Smoke Development 6
Spread of Flame 0
Heat Evolved 2
Weather Resistance

FLOWTITE® pipes have a non-structural external layer of reinforced resin to provide weathering resistance when stored or installed above ground. This external layer protects the structural layers from UV radiation, which may discolor over time. If this is not acceptable, pipes may be coated with an acrylic (water based) paint.

Standard FLOWTITE® pipes can be permanently stored in the open without any detrimental effects on the structure of the pipe from UV radiation however, some superficial roughening and discoloration of the external and internal surfaces may occur which is acceptable. For periods over 6 months in open areas it is recommended that the rubber rings should be stored indoors.

Chemical Resistance

Standard FLOWTITE ® pipes are intended for use with water, sewage and controlled industrial wastes at temperatures of up to 35°C in the pH range 3 to 9. For temperature and chemical conditions in excess of these values Iplex Pipelines’ engineers should be consulted for advice on rerating and chemical suitability.

With the exception of chlorinated or aromatic solvents, FLOWTITE ® pipes have a high resistance to chemical attack. Furthermore, special resin systems can also be used to improve chemical resistance at elevated temperatures. In the case of some solvents, the use of a vinyl ester resin system may be recommended.

FLOWTITE ® pipes selected for use in severe environments, such as the processing industry, especially at elevated temperatures, may require special resin systems such as vinyl esters. Because of the range of factors involved, the final determination of the suitability of FLOWTITE™ for a given environment becomes the sole responsibility of the specifier