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The Iplex K2® PE-X Hot and Cold Plumbing system offers an integrated system that is flexible enough to be bent by hand, is extremely light weight corrosion resistant and virtually eliminates water hammer noise. No brazing or soldering is necessary, When installed by a trained and licensed tradesman, the system has proven to be of high quality and economical to use.

Product Details

Standards and Approval

Iplex K2® pipe is manufactured from cross-linked polyethylene and is joined together with a high integrity brass crimp fitting. Cross-linked polyethylene is a material designed for hot and cold potable water in both domestic and commercial applications.

Iplex K2® is third-party certified to comply with the requirements of AS/NZS2492 (pipe) and AS/NZS2537.2 (fittings). Pipe is manufactured under WaterMark certificate WMKA02777 and pipe under WaterMark licence WMKA70087, issued by ApprovalMark International and is approved for use in all states and territories of Australia. 

The pipe and fittings have also been tested and have passed the Australian Standard AS 4020 (products in contact with potable water supplies).

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When installed by a licensed plumber and used correctly, as specified in AS/NZS 3500 part 1, 4 and 5 and in accordion with K2® PB Polybutylene Plumbing System Installation Guidelines, Iplex pipelines offers a 25 year warranty against material defects.

K2® PE-X Pipes

Iplex K2® PE-X Hot & Cold Water pipe is produced with a black co-extruded PE-X coating containing carbon black, which acts as a UV absorber to protect the pipe from UV degradation. This product can be used for hot and cold plumbing in domestic or commercial situations.

Iplex K2® PE-X Recycled Water pipe is produced with a purple co-extruded PE-X coating and the print message "RECYCLED WATER-DO NOT DRINK" This product can be used when a second non-potable water supply is available for toilet flushing etc

Iplex K2® PE-X Rain Water pipe is produced with a green co-extruded PE- X coating and the print message "RAINWATER". This product has been developed to connect your rainwater tank to household appliances, including washing machines and toilet astern.

Iplex K2® Sleeving pipe is a corrugated pipe used as a sleeve to protect Iplex K2® PE-X Recycled Water & Iplex K2® PE-X Rain Water pipe from direct exposure to UV light.

Table 1. Dimensions of Iplex K2® PE-X pipe
Nom, outside diameter Mean bore
DN16 - 16 mm 10.8 - 11.9 mm
DN20 - 20 mm 13.6 - 14.7 mm
DN25 - 25 mm 17.0 - 18.3 mm
K2® Fittings

Iplex K2® fittings are specially designed and engineered to complement the Iplex K2® PE-X pipes. The Iplex K2® PE-X pipes and fittings system has a comprehensive range of fittings that are suitable for general use. Each box contains an installation instruction leaflet, which must be followed.

Table 2. Dimensions of Iplex K2® fittings
Nom, outside diameter Mean bore
DN16 - 16 mm 8.6 mm
DN20 - 20 mm 11.1 mm
DN25 - 25 mm 14.1 mm

DR Brass Fittings

Iplex K2® DR brass fittings are fully dezincification resistant to AS 2345 and are precision CNC machined. DR brass contains less than 15% zinc, or has been heat treated or chemically enhanced to make it resistant to the loss of zinc i.e. dezincification resistant. Brass that is not dezincification resistant can lose its zinc content leaving a residue of spongy or porous copper.

Copper Crimp Sleeves

All Iplex K2® DR brass fittings have an annealed copper crimp sleeve with a pipe depth insertion window to provide visible assurance that the pipe has been pushed fully home.


K2® Tooling

The crimping tools are precision instruments engineered to ensure a simple, effective joint. The principle of this jointing method has been well proven in many engineering applications in Australia. It is extensively used around the world for gas, hot and cold plumbing and in-floor heating.

With crimping tools, care should be taken to ensure that moving parts are not damaged. Refer to individual tool instructions for maintenance and correct use. Calliper gauges are supplied with all tools to check that the copper ring has been properly crimped. Only use the correct Iplex tools to crimp the Iplex K2® PE-X pipes and fittings system.

The K2® crimp tools can also be used to crimp the Iplex K1® gas system.The 16mm K2® crimp tool can be used to crimp the 18mm Pro-fit® plumbing system.  Other sizes of K2® and Pro-fit® are not compatible.