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Iplex K1® composite gas system is flexible enough to be bent by harid, is extremely light weight and corrosion resistant. In particular, no brazing or soldering is necessary. When installed by a trained and licensed tradesman, the system is of high quality and economical to use.

Material Properties

Temperature Effect On Pressure Rating

For pressure re-rating in accordance with the table below:

Thermal re-rating factors*

Maximum service temperature (°C) Multiplication factor for pressure re-rating
20 1.00
25 0.94
30 0.87
35 0.78
40 0.70
45 0.64
50 0.58


Base on ISO 4422-2 Pipes and fitting made of un-plasticzed polyvinyl chlonde (PVC-U) for water supply Pad 2: Pipes (width or without integral sockets)