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K1 Domestic Gas
Material Properties


Composite PE-Xc/Al/PE-HD Pipe

Iplex K1™ gas pipe is a multi layer composite pipe consisting of 5 layers;
  • Inner layer: high-density polyethylene (PE-HD), colour is yellow.
  • Coupling agent
  • Aluminium
  • Coupling Agent
  • Outer layer: high-density polyethylene (PE-HD), colour is yellow.
The outer layer of PE-HD provides excellent impact strength.
The composite plastic aluminium pipe offers a lot of advantages besides the diffusion density: the pipe is dimensionally stable and still flexible. Fittings can be minimised due to the flexible nature of the pipe. The pipe is also corrosion resistant.


Iplex K1™ gas fittings have been specifically designed in Australia for exclusive use to complement the K1™ metal plastic composite pipe for gas.
The Iplex K1™ system has a comprehensive range of fittings that are suitable for general gas use. Each box also contains an informative installation instruction leaflet.

DR Brass fittings

Iplex K1™ brass fittings are fully Dezincification Resistant to AustralianStandards and are precision CNC machined.
The primary components of brass are copper and zinc and corrosion occurs with the removal of the zinc from the brass. DR brass is brass that has been heat treated and chemically enhanced to make it resistant to the loss of zinc i.e. Dezincification Resistant.

Copper crimp sleeves

All Iplex K1™ fittings have a copper crimp sleeve with a pipe depth insertion window.
The copper crimp sleeves are held on the fitting by a distinctive “gas yellow” crimp sleeve retainer.
It is also important to ensure this plastic crimp sleeve retainer is in place, in order to prevent electrolytic corrosion between the brass fitting and the aluminium in the pipe.

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