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Quality Standards and Testing

AS3996 – Access Covers and Grates 

EN124 – Gully Tops and Manhole Tops for Vehicular and Pedestrian Areas 
GATIC is committed to operate under a strict International Quality Managment System in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. Its objective is to satisfy and exceed our customers requirments and expectations in both
quality products and services. Rigorous testing and quality control throughout the production process are audited and continuously improved to ensure that GATIC’s products complies with Australian Standard AS3996:2006 and European Standard EN124:1994
To ensure consistant quality and performance, all GATIC products are inspected as follows proir to delivery.
• Dimensional tolerance check
• Material compositions
• Batch traceability data
• Load testing (in accordance with AS3996 or EN124)
• Keyhole gauge fit
• Machining
• Anti-rocking
• Painting surfaces
• General appearance
• Packaging
Testing Laboratory 
GATIC’s Mechanical Testing laboratory is recognised and accredited by the National Association Testing Authorities, Australia (NATA Laboratory Accreditation No. 14262). Load tests are carried out on our 1200kN
capacity test rig as part of GATIC’s Quality Assurance program in accordance with Australian Standard AS3996:2006 and European Standard EN124:1994. Test reports are available on request.
GATIC also undertakes the following tests both inhouse and through independant institutes:
• Bicycle Tyre Penetration Resistance Test
• Hydraulic Flow Rate Test
• Gas-tightness Test
• Water-tightness Test
A: NATA certified laboratory with 1200kN rig shown.
B: GATIC Cover and Frame units under Load Testing.
C: Hydraulic Flow Rate Test of GATIC Smart Grate.
D: Bicycle Tyre Penetration Resistance Test.
Load testing under Australian Standard AS3996 involves Type Testing of a unit to ensure the product acheives its Load Classification and Ultimate Limit State Design Load (kN).
Testing involves:
• Five repetitions of the serviceability design load is applied to the unit in accordance with AS3996:2006 subclause, measurement of Ultimate Limit State Design Load (kN). Set must not exceed the
Permanent Set and Deflection Limits (refer to Table 4.2 in AS3996:2006 sublause
• Followed immediately by one application of the ultimate limit state design load for a minimum of 30 seconds. The unit must sustain the above tests without visible cracking, collapse or other forms of
structural failure.


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