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Ductile Iron Pipe and Fittings
Gibaults & Couplings


Unrestrained mechanical Gibaults & Couplings  

Gibault & Coupling are designed to join/repair pipeline materials, i.e. Ductile Iron, Grey Iron, AC, PVC types and other common pipeline materials, and allows for a dismantling point or blank off of an existing pipeline.

Materials - Metallic

All metallic materials are manufactured from Ductile Iron. Bolting options are 316 S/S or Galvanised Steel. Refer to Coatings and Linings for coating and lining options.

Materials - Rubber

Rubber matting material is manufactured from EPDM Rubber complying with AS1646.

Effect on Potable Water

Products in contact with potable water have been tested and comply with the requirements of AS/NZS4020 for products in contact with drinking water.

Gibault Types 

Standard Gibault –Straight or Stepped


Standard Gibaults – Tapped (Elongated Straight Only) max. 50mm



Blank Gibaults


Blank Gibaults with ends tapped (max. 50mm)


Coupling Types 

Universal Coupling (short or long)


Universal Coupling stepped


Universal Coupling Flanged


Typical Uses 



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