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The SMARTCOLLAR was developed after discussions with Master Builders Federation, Australian Standards and Pest control companies. With the steadily growing problem of termite invasion, it became apparent that a new devise was necessary.
The SMARTCOLLAR is a physical termite barrier, 150mm diameter, height adjustment support stand for SMARTWASTE and SAMRTPAN. It is also suitable for other pipe penetrations.
SMARTCOLLAR applications –
  •  Used in conjunction with SMARTWASTE and SMARTPAN it eliminates the need to reposition pipe work to align fixtures and fittings.
  •  Used to support and secure SMARTWASTE or SMARTPAN on suspended slabs of varying thickness and allows for subsequent installation of a fire collar.
  • The waterproofing properties of the SMARTWASTE, eliminates dampness around a pipe which normally attracts termites.
  • Allows for pipe movement in the ground without affecting the integrity of the barrier.
  • Has a sharp edge moulded onto the vertical wall to resist termite entry.
  • Eliminates the problem facing pest control companies of re-termite proofing a pipe after the concrete slab is poured.
  • Termite resistance is improved around pipe in the concrete slab because compaction equipment is able to move directly over the SMARTWASTE or SMARTPAN without riser pipe projecting above slab level. 
The SMARTCOLLAR is made from ABS plastic and has the CSIRO Appraisal # 264.  An adaptor is available (as shown in above image) for other pipe fittings (D101SCOLLARADP), reducing 150mm x 100mm.
Iplex product code – D101SCOLLAR
Adaptor not included.

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