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SMARTSEAL (used in conjunction with a SMARTPAN (sold separately) ), is a breakthrough in installing baths and shower bases flat on the floor. 
A flexible PVC lid, 250mm in diameter held in place with a stainless steel pressure ring, allowing completely adjustable positioning horizontally and vertically. The waterproof connection between a bath or shower base and a SMARTPAN also allows subsequent removal without requiring access to the connection.


Iplex Product Code – D101SSEAL
Sold separately from the SMARTPAN


Installation Instructions 
Seal threaded waste to bath and tighten. Push the stainless steel ring into the inside of the SMARTSEAL (about halfway down the upstand). Apply bead of silicone onto ledge in SMARTPAN. Carefully position the SMARTSEAL with ring facing up and push down onto ledge in the SAMRTPAN. 
Push ring down firmly into the corner of the SMARTSEAL with a piece of wood or similar (don’t puncture the SMARTSEAL). 
To create an “interference fit” – cut a hole 10mm diameter smaller than the OD of bath waste thread in appropriate location on lid a minimum of 20mm from the edge of the SMARTPAN ledge and apply silicone around thread to seal joint.
Lower a bath or shower base onto the SMARTPAN (NB threaded waste may have to be cut to length to enable correct discharge of waste water into the SMARTPAN).
Cut hole in polystyrene disc for the waste and place into SMARTSEAL to provide packing between underside of bath or shower and SMARTSEAL. Packing is necessary to prevent the flexible lid from lifting in the unlikely event of backpressure from the sewer line.
The SMARTSEAL flexible lid allows underside of bath and back-nut to push down into the SMARTPAN, enabling an installation right down onto the floor. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to cut a hole through the flexible PVC lid?

Using a hole saw (Sandvick or Stanley type) in a power or battery drill

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